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One Book, One Richmond is a campus-wide effort that encourages students, staff, faculty, and members of the Richmond community to read and discuss a selected book on a social justice issue. Events and programs on various themes found in the selected text are offered throughout the academic year and are open to all members of the UR community unless otherwise noted.

The Faithful Scribe by Shahan Mufti

2017–2018 Selection

The One Book, One Richmond committee received and considered over 50 nominations for the 2017-2018 book selection. After gathering feedback from a variety of stakeholders, hosting an open feedback session for the campus community in March, and careful reading and discussion by the committee, the One Book, One Richmond committee is delighted to announce that next year's book selection will be "The Faithful Scribe” by Shahan Mufti, assistant professor of journalism. The selection of this book is an exciting opportunity to recognize high-quality scholarly and creative work of one of our own faculty members.

Published in 2013, “The Faithful Scribe” is deeply relevant to the world and our campus today. Mufti uses the stories of his ancestors to reveal the roots — real and imagined — of Islamic civilization in Pakistan. More than a personal history, the book captures the larger story of the world’s first Islamic democracy and explains how the state that once promised to bridge Islam and the West is now threatening to crumble under historical and political pressure and why Pakistan’s destiny matters to us all. Themes of faith, nationalism, family, and war are woven throughout the text.

Praise for the Book

The Faithful Scribe is an impassioned and insightful look into the heart of a troubled but vital country. This is a history of Pakistan from the pen of a keen observer, whose own story represents Pakistan’s past and whose vision reflects its hope for the future.” —Vali Nasr, New York Times bestselling author of The Dispensable Nation: American Foreign Policy in Retreat

“In The Faithful Scribe, Shahan Mufti, who calls himself ‘100 percent American and 100 percent Pakistani,’ sets out to explain the country’s present-day turbulence through the prism of its history…. Mr. Mufti deserves credit for framing Pakistan’s story in terms of ideas, not merely events. He intuitively grasps that, though Pakistan is no theocracy, it shares some of the Saudi and Iranian sense of a larger Islamic mission.” —Wall Street Journal

“A penetrating, carefully crafted, and sometimes moving account that presents Pakistan through the lens of Mufti’s family’s history, offering a vivid new perspective on a troubled country that is at once intimate and sweeping.” —Declan Walsh, New York Times Pakistan Bureau Chief

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